Sunday, 20 January 2013

O mor aponar desh -- English-German-translation

To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Lakshminath Bezboruah a project is underway to translate 'O mor aponar desh' into other languages. Here is our contribution to the project. Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. For more details look in the Facebook site 'O mor aponar desh' where many translations are already available. It would be great to have translations in as many languages as possible -- please help if you can.

English                                                                                German

O my dear own land                                                              O mein eigenes Land                                 
O my beautiful land                                                                O mein liebliches Land
                so harmonious                                                                     so eine  Harmonie
                so bounteous                                                                       so eine Fruchtbarkeit
such a beloved land                                                                so ein geliebtes Land

O  my melodic tongue                                                            So melodisch dein Klang
Oxom’s  soft  pleasing  tongue                                                Oxoms wohltuender Klang
Nowhere can you find                                                                Nirgends auf der Welt
’nother that’s better                                                                    Gibt es ‘twas Besseres
no matter how hard you try                                                     Wo immer Du auch suchst

O the land of my birth                                                              O Land meiner Geburt
O my mother Oxom                                                                 O meine Mutter Oxom 
Let me see once more                                                                  Lass mich noch einmal
your sweet face again                                                                   Dein Gesicht sehen
my heart still longs for more                                                       Mein Herz sehnt sich nach Dir


  1. Nice post. I was waiting for that German translation and I was glad that I have found it in here.Thanks for sharing.I could say that translators really play a big role in our society.I can't see machines taking over the jobs of human translators in the near future, as they have done with so many other professions.A lost in translation or any translation should not hinder us to know exactly about one's history and culture.

  2. Thanks. Translation is a very difficult job and translating lyrics even more so. I am very happy that some people at least take translators seriously.