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About the Munin Barkotoki Memorial Trust

The Munin Barkotoki Memorial Trust was formed in 1995 in the cherished memory of renowned writer and critic Munin Barkotoki (1915-1993), to promote the cause of literature in Assamese, both creative as well as criticism, in original and in translation.

The Trust has also taken up the task of collecting, compiling and arranging for publication all the writings of Late Munin Barkotoki. So far, six books of his writings and two commemorative volumes on him have been published (see below for the complete list). In the coming years, the Trust hopes to get published a book of letters written to and by Munin Barkotoki, and a new edition as well as a translation of Bismrita Byatikram -- the only book published by Munin Barkotoki during his lifetime, which won him the coveted Assam Publication Board Award.

A book titled Winners All of translated stories and poems of the Munin Barkotoki Awardees for the first 10 years was published in 2011. Edited by Pradip Acharya, the translators are Mr. Acharya and Meenaxi Barkotoki. Also another book in English of biographical sketches of a few of the greatest writers and intellectuals of Assam is on the anvil.

The Trust also gives away an annual award called the Munin Barkotoki Award to deserving young writers in Assamese. The award comprises a cash award (which was initially Rs. 25,000 but which is being gradually being raised to Rs. 50,000 by 2015) besides a citation. Only writers below the age of forty are eligible for consideration of the award. An up-to-date list of award winners can be found below. For further details about eligibility and the process of submission etc. kindly contact the Office of the Trust at the address given below.

The Managing Trustee is Renuka Devi Barkataki.

Office of the Trust is located at Panchavati, G.N. Bordoloi Road, Guwahati – 781003.
Phones: 0361-2668323

Books by Munin Barkataki

in Assamese:

1. Bismrita Byatikram, Bani Prakash;

2. Bandita Barenya, Ed. Sivanath Barman, Lawyer’s Book Stall, 1995;

3. Prasanga Samalocana, Ed. Nalinidhar Bhattacharyya, Students Stores, 1996;

4. Sristi Tribidha, Ed. Jogendranarayan Bhuyan, Students Stores, 1996;

5. Antar aru Antariksha, Ed. Hiren Gohain, Chandra Prakash, 1998;

in English

6. A Munin Barkotoki Miscellany, Ed. Ranjit Kr. Dev Goswami, Book Hive, 1998;

Two other relevant books:

7. Bibhinna Janar Dristit Munin Barkotoki, Ed. Upendra Barkataki, MBMT, 1994.

8. Prasanga: Munin Barkotoki, Ed. Upendra Barkataki. Natun Asom, 2007.

Memorial Meetings and Award Giving Ceremonies:

The first memorial meeting was held exactly a year after Munin Barkotoki's death on 6th November 1994. Noted literary stalwarts Dr. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharjee, Professor Hiren Gohain, Professor Ajit Sharma, Professor Heramba Borpujari, Shri Bijoy Chandra Bhagabati spoke at the very well-attended meeting at Dighalipukhuripar.
The book titled Bibhinna Janar Dristit Munin Barkotoki edited by Upendra Barkataki was also released at that meeting.

Award winners of the Munin Barkataki Award:

1995: Dr. Robin Sarma (Panchar Pacali) and Sibananda Kakoti (Amrytyu Amrit) [both short story collections];

The first award ceremony was held on Jan 1 1996 at Lakhiram Baruah Sadan. Shri Chandra Prasad Saikia presided over the meeting at which Dr. Satyendranath Sarma was the Chief Guest and Professor Ranjit Kumar Deva Goswami was the appointed speaker. The book of Munin Barkotoki's biographical essays titled Bandita Barenya edited by Dr. Sivanath Barman was also released on the occasion by Shri Krihna Bhuyan.

1996: Lutfa Hanum Selima Begum (Saujiya Bat Ati...) [poetry collection] and Dr. Bringeswar Sarma (Kamakhya Pharmacit sarijon bandhu ) [short story collection];

The second award meeting was held on Feb 15 1997 at the Lakhmiram Barooah Sadan, Guwahati. Shri Jogesh Das presided over the meeting while Shri Uma Kanta Sarma gave away the awards. Two books one edited by Shri Nalinidhar Bhattacharyya and the other by Dr. Jogendranarayan Bhuyan were also released at that meeting by Sri Reboti Mohan Dutta Chaudhuri (Sheelabhara).

1997: Anubhav Tulasi (Duroon Phool) [poetry collection];

1998: Kula Saikia (Akharat Moi aru Anyanya) [short story collection];

The awards for 1997 and 1998 were given away by noted poet Jayanta Mahapatra at an august meeting held at the Tirthanath Sarma Sabhagriha 
in Guwahati in 1999. Shri Jatin Goswami from Jorhat spoke about his assciation with Munin Barkotoki at the meeting presided over by Shri Nalinidhar Bhattacharyya. The book 'Munin Barkotoki Miscellany edited by Professor Ranjit Kumar Deva Goswami was also released at the meeting.

1999: Bitupon Borbora (Muro Ata Sapon Asil) [short story collection] and Rajiv Barua (Panir Ghar) [poetry collection];

2000: Mausumi Kandali (Lambada Nasor Sesat) [short story collection] and Dipak Kr. Gogoi & Pankaj Jyoti Bhuyan (Istantik) [collection of plays];

The awards for 1999 and 2000 were given away at a meeting held on Feb 24, 2001 at the Bishnu Nirmala Trust Auditorium. Noted filmmaker Dr. Bhaben Saikia was the Chief Guest at the meeting presided over by Sri Satya Prasad Barua. Sri Radhika Mohan Bhagabati spoke about his association with Munin Barkotoki.

2001: Nabanita Gogoi (Sa Poharat Akale) [short story collection] and Munin Bayan (Kitap aru Sanlap) [collection of essays];

2002: Hemanga Kumar Dutta (Athaba) and Ganga Mohan Mili (Nadi Manuhar Thikona) [both poetry collections] ;

Noted writer and Jnanpith Awardee Nirmal Verma gave away the prizes for the years 2001 and 2002 at a solemn meeting, presided over by Sri Chandra Prasad Saikia, held at Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati on the March 1 2003, which also marked the tenth death anniversary of Munin Barkotoki. Poet Nirmal Verma spoke on the topic 'The relevance of art in our lives today'. At the same meeting Shri Nalinidhar Bhattacharyya was also felicitated.

2003: Kushal Datta (Ilektronik Sarai) [poetry collection] and Manoj Borpujari (Amlakhi Gasar Suhuri) ;

2004: Manikuntala Bhattacharjee (Prastar Kanya) and Monalisa Saikia (Punar Janamloi Tejimola) [both short-story collections];

The awards for 2003 and 2004 for given away at a meeting held  on 11 Feb. 2005 at the Lakhiram Barooah Sadan by noted poet Sri Nilmoni Phukan. Professor Kabin Phukan of Dibrugarh University was the appointed speaker and spoke on the topic 'Bhasa aru Sahitya: atit, bartaman aru bhabisyat.' At the meeting a book edited by Sri Upendra Barkataki titled Prasanga Munin Barkotoki was also released.

2005: Monica Devi (Priya Alap) and Dhrubajyoti Sarma (Deep) ;
[both short story collections]

2006: Ajit Gogoi (Ronga Jethi) [poetry collection] and Abdus Samad (Boi Jai Chompaboti)[novel]

The award meeting for 2005 and 2006 was held on March 17 2007 at the Lakhiram Barooah Sadan. It was presided over by Dr. Birendranath Dutta. Sri Radhika Mohan Bhagawati was the appointed speaker.

2007: Anamika Bora (Jolasai) [short story collection] and Bijoy Sankar Barman (Deo) [poems]

2008: Geetali Bora (Sambhavata) [short story collection] and Kamal Kumar Tanti (Marangburu Amar Pita) [poetry collection];

The awards for 2007 and 2008 were given away at a meeting in Feb. 21 2009, at the Lakhiram Barooah Sadan. The President of the Asam Sahitya Sabha, Padmasri Rong Bong Terong was the Chief Guest while Dr. Tilottoma Misra was the appointed speaker and spoke on the topic 'lekhak aru porhuwoi samaj'. Also Shri Arindom Barkataki gave a critical evaluation of the writings of some of the past awardees at the event.

2009: Diganta Oza (Sandhikhanat Manuh) [collection of critical prose pieces] and Ratna Bharali Talukdar (Ghar Ghar Kheliba Aha) [short story collection].

2010: Ruplekha Devi (Anyatra Birala Devi) [novel] and Arup Kumar Nath (Saud aru Anyanya Galpa) [short story collection].

The awards for 2009 and 2010 were given away at a meeting held in March 5 2011. The meeting was presided over by noted playwright Arun Sarma. Noted Manipuri poet Robin Ngangom delivered the invited lecture titled 'Poetry in the time of terror'.

2011: Arindam Barkataki (Anushilan) [collection of critical essays] and Rashmirekha Bora (Singorajanor Rupkotha) [short story collection]. The award money has been raised to Rs. 30,000 for the year 2011.

2012: Sanjibpaul Deka (Ei Pine Ki Aase) [story collection] and Sharmsitha Pritam (Aatmakatha)  [autobiography ]. The award money has been raised to Rs. 35,000/- for the year 2012.

The awards for 2011  and 2012 were given away at a meeting held on 3rd March 2013 at the Vivekananda kendra, Guwahati. Noted literatteur Dr. Nagen Saikia presided over the meeting while Professor Dilip Kuamr Barua, formerly from Burdwan University, West Bengal, was the Chief Guest. 

2013: Poet Mridul Haloi (Akole Asu Kushale Aaso) [collection of poems]  and story writer Apu Bharadwaj (Mostiskar Cinema) [story collection]. The cash amount has been raised to Rs. 40,000 for the year 2013. Two other promising writers were also given special mention -- they are Chandana Pathak (Antir Goli)  [story collection]  and Pankaj Kumar Dutta (Fugu Maasor Maasuoi) [story collection].

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